GellyBall gun, ammo, and mask

New Technology makes GellyBall a great alternative to Paintball or Laser Tag

Blasters can shoot:
– 160 feet per second
– 10 balls per second
– 750 holds rounds

Player leaning on bunker shooting GellyBalls
Kids shooting each other while hiding behind bunkers

Accurate within 100 feet and less painful than Paintball and leaves no marks and no mess! 

GellyBall in the grass before dehydrating

Biodegradable ammo shrinks as it dehydrates

GellyBall in the grass after partially dehydrating

Getting smaller and smaller every day

GellyBall in the grass after fully dehydrating

Until it naturally mixes into the ground!

How to play

Team competition indoors or outdoors with portable bunkers.

GellyBall bunkers creating an outdoor arena

Target Practice with electronic scoring system and one on one competition

Young players posing with GellyBall gear

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